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special launch offer

Basic Yearly
$ 240 / Year
100 imports per month
1.000.000 rows per month
1 user
Basic support
Professional Yearly
480 $ 240 / Year
(50% launch discount)
1.000 imports per month
3.000.000 rows per month
1 user
Priority support
from $ 1.000 / Year
unlimited imports per month
unlimited rows per month
Multiple users
Priority support
Pay by bank transfer
Onboarding set-up session

All prices do not include VAT. Depending on your country you may be charged addtional VAT in the checkout. You will receive a proper invoice that shows all items transparently. Our prices are based on the Euro amounts and calculated to your local currency automatically by our payment gateway, therefore prices shown in the checkout may vary slightly from the amounts shown on this site if you are not paying in Euro.

Please use your Google account email address of the add-on user for checkout to insure the license is applied automatically. If you need to use a different one for payment, please write to our support and we can change it manually.

By proceeding I approve the terms of service.

The license will renew automatically for the price and term stated above. You can stop the automatic renewal of the subscription by filling out our payment cancellation form.

If you have any questions about pricing or licensing you can reach out to

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