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Here you can find help to use AppStoreMetrix to import your app store data into Google Sheets. In case your question is not covered in the sections below please send a message by using our contact form.

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How to generate the iTunes Connect access token and login to AppStoreMetrix?

1. Login to your iTunes Connect account and choose Sales & Trends.

2. Choose Reports in the top left corner.

3. Click on the question mark besides About Reports in the top right corner.

4. Click Generate Access Token in the pop up window.

5. Copy the existing Access Token or use the Regenerate button to create a new code.

6. Launch the AppStoreMetrix sidebar and choose iTunes Connect.

7. Enter your Access Token and click login.

!!! Please note that the Access Token will be stored to your Google Account and automatically expires within 180 days !!!

sales reports

How to import your iTunes app reports to Google Sheets?

1. Launch the AppStoreMetrix sidebar.

2. Choose iTunes Connect and enter your Access Token to login to AppStoreMetrix.

3. Choose Sales at the Report Type option.

4. Make your choice at the Date Type option and choose daily, weekly, monthly or yearly import.

!!! Please note that AppStoreMetrix currently just supports the import of sales summaries !!!

To define a day, week, month or year just choose a single day at the date picker:

!!! Please note that yearly reports are just available for complete years in the past. In case you need an overview of the current year please use monthly, weekly and daily reports !!!

finance reports

How to get iTunes connect finance reports?

To import monthly finance reports please follow the descriptions below. The Vendor number will always be displayed automatically.

1. Select "Finance" in the report type filter.

2. Choose the fiscal year you want to import.

3. Select the fiscal period you want to ​import finance data from and click "Submit".

!!! Please note that Apple periods are different from the usual calendar. Finance data is usually available in monthly ranges with a delay of around two and a half months starting in September each year. For further details please have a look at screenshots below or visit the payments and financial reports section in your iTunes connect account !!!

Fiscal Year 2017

​Fiscal Year 2016

!!! Click images to expand !!!

​Fiscal Year 2015

schedule imports

How to get schedule iTunes connect sales reports?

1. Choose AppStoreMetrix under Add-ons and click Schedule Import.

2. Choose iTunes Connect and enter your Access Token to login.

3. Make your choice at Report Type and the Schedule Import options.

4. Click Submit.

!!!  Please note that scheduled imports are just available for iTunes connect sales summaries !!!

5. Manage your scheduled imports by choosing AppStoreMetrix and click Show Scheduled Imports.

6. The listet schedules can be deleted permanently by clicking the Delete button.

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