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The Google Sheets add-on for app analytics shortly introduced in a nutshell!


What is AppStoreMetrix?

AppStoreMetrix is a Google Sheets Add-on that imports app reporting data such as download statistics, app sales and finance reports from Google Play Store and iTunes Connect into Google Sheets.

For whom is AppStoreMetrix for?

The Google Sheets add-on is a productivity tool developed for app publishers, app marketers and anyone else who is working with app reporting data from Google Play Developer Console and iTunes Connect.

How does AppStoreMetrix work?

The add-on utilizes the interfaces provided by the app stores and simplifies the process for the user so he does not have to work with the command line to retrieve his app reports. The user provides his access token for iTunes Connect or his Google Cloud Bucket ID which are securely stored client-based in his Google user properties and then utilized to import his app reports into the spreadsheet.

What is the difference between AppStoreMetrix and other tools for app analytics?

Users do not hand over their app intelligence data to another closed, proprietary platform. The simple Google sheets add-on provides a straight-forward method to process and compare their own app performance from the two major app stores in the common spreadsheet environment and build up further data pipelines, if other systems are already in use their company. AppStoreMetrix does not generate any market intelligence based on their clients data and will never share the data with other publishers. Where necessary the client data are only cached for processing temporarily and deleted after that.

For more information check out our terms of service.


What advantages does AppStoreMetrix offer?

  • workflow improvement by providing scheduled imports
  • less manual workload
  • no manual formatting of raw data needed
  • automatic downloads and dashboard function

Which features does AppStoreMetrix provide?

  • scheduled imports of app sales and download statistics from various sources
  • daily, weekly, monthly and yearly app reporting data
  • various filter functions
  • star
    available report types
  • star
    app downloads
  • star
    app purchases
  • star
    in-app sales
  • star
    crash reports and more


How was AppStoreMetrix founded?

Based on previous business intelligence consulting projects for app publisher clients we’ve developed the add-on to improve the data processing of app reporting data.  Since late December 2017 the add-on is available in the Google add-on store and already has over 50 active users.


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