The App Store Data Google Sheets Add-on

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Easily manage your App Store Data in Google Sheets

The App Store Data Google Sheets Add-on

AppStoreMetrix helps you automatically and easily import, manage and analyze your app store data in Google Sheets.

Start analyzing your app store data in just a few clicks!

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Import Data

  • collect data from iTunes Connect and Google Play easily
  • select your reports via a sidebar directly in Sheets 
  • no need to extract or copy/paste your data 

Manage Data

  • automatically transform your data into a more convenient format
  • analyze app perfomance easily in your common work environment
  • download and share app reports within seconds

Visualize Data

  •  automatically visualize key data
  • use Google Sheet native visualizations

AppStoreMetrix is a Google Sheets Add-On that is collecting data from app stores and imports it automatically into your spreadsheet. Connect your accounts from Google Play or iTunes Connect (more stores planned) and try out the flexibility and simplicity AppStoreMetrix gives you by using convenient filter functions and schedule options.

The tool for app analytics offers you a simple way to download your app statistics for in-app purchases, app installs and other data for further analysis, even for a single app in your account. Get your app download statistics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and start analyzing your app store data straight away - without manually downloading and transforming the raw data into a suitable format. 

Use various report types such as installs, earnings and crashes for specific app reporting and structure your data in the first place for further usage and sharing. After your app store data has been imported you will immediately be able to use a default dashboard function to display app statistics visualizations on a separate sheet that is ready to share with others. Additionally you are free to use the standard visualization functions of Google Sheets.

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